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  • Introduction to R &amp; D team and capability

    ◎ It is composed of experts and professional R &amp; D personnel with more than 19 years of industrial R &amp; D experience, who are familiar with product materials, characteristics, structure, etc., and carry out specialized new material, new process and technology work, research and production transformation

    ◎ For product technology research and development, quality control, product realization and delivery customers have deep-seated service capabilities.

    ◎ Be able to carry out professional design, accurate accounting and test simulation according to customer application scenarios.

    ◎ According to the needs of customers, it can provide the design and development, assembly processing and product delivery of products with different voltages, capacities and application scenarios.


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    • Henan Chuangda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd




      Address:中國.河南.新鄉市鳳泉 區產業集聚區

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